I absolutely love my ShoeSecures

- 8/9/2022
I absolutely love my ShoeSecures - they are a life saver with an ex racehorse! Easy to put on and secure once on. So pleased to have managed 6 months without loosing a shoe in the field!
Kate Hayward
Retraining Argo

back in action! with the reviews

- 8/9/2022
Back in action putting on the reviews! 

ShoeSecures a true lifesaver

- 5/30/2021
They are a true lifesaver, I cannot imagine a day without them!!! We really went through bad times, my horse was constantly loosing his shoes on the paddock trail (pretty muddy ground) and we had to go barefoot for a while, which didn't work out well (4month break because of a coffin joint inflammation....).  Now we are back on track thanks to ShoeSecure.

Delighted with my ShoeSeures

- 10/8/2020
Since putting on ShoeSecures, Jupiter shoes have remained on even though he has tried his best to pull his shoes off. I am absolutely delighted and so is my Farrier.
C.S. South Africa

ShoeSecures are a life saver!

- 1/28/2020
These are a lifesaver! I have a professional shoe puller who is in eggbars, wedge pads and turned out with other horses. Talk about the perfect storm. I was losing shoes almost every 2 weeks. Now I don’t! I couldn’t recommend it enough.

ShoeSecures are a life saver!

- 1/28/2020
These are a lifesaver! I have a professional shoe puller who is in eggbars, wedge pads and turned out with other horses. Talk about the perfect storm. I was losing shoes almost every 2 weeks. Now I don’t! I couldn’t recommend it enough.

ShoeSecures are Fab!

- 7/20/2019
ShoeSecures are Fab. I used them for about 6 months until my youngster grew out of being a numpty in the field losing shoes. They were a life saver!
B. st. E

I'm loving ShoeSecure shoe guards

- 7/20/2019
My horse has pads so losing a shoe problematic and expensive, but with ShoeSecures he hasn't lost a shoe since he started wearing them.

Using ShoeSecures since 2012!

- 4/3/2019

My warmblood was repeatedly pulling off his front shoes, meaning that he often had to forgo the field to preserve his feet and enable me to get to shows and afford food rather than repeat farrier visits! 

I have been using Shoesecure since 2012 and this is the only solution that gives me any confidence that when I turn him out, he will come back with 4 shoes.  Brilliant product that will save you money and save your horses feet.


ShoeSecures stopped my horse pulling shoes!

- 1/1/2019

My horse has had them on for 2 years now, in all weathers, day and night and they have never caused any problems. I put them on in morning and remove at night with over reach boots on over the top. (Largest size neoprene ones!)In muddy conditions they don't add to mud fever any more than a horse standing in mud. They have never affected my horse’s shoes, heels, foot, anything. I tried everything and this was the only thing that has stopped my horse pulling his shoes off!

North Yorkshire

ShoeSecures the only thing that helped

- 1/1/2019

They are brilliant... I had a horse that lost shoes  weekly-these were the only thing that helped! You just need stud holes put in their shoes to secure them and you are all set 


ShoeSecures did the job brilliantly!

- 1/1/2019

We used these on a young horse who was a nightmare with shoes as he had one very upright foot. They did the job brilliantly. Haven't had to use them for years now as they allowed the walls to strengthen up and be able to hold shoes more effectively. We used to call them his orange flippers!!! Highly recommend.


Jumping better than ever!

- 10/7/2018
Couldn’t be happier with the shoe secures we bought as they have allowed as to give our 6 yr old time off in the field with the confidence that he isn’t going to pull off any shoes. Allowing him to come back great from his holiday. Jumping better than ever!!

Your product is amazing

- 8/8/2018
I think your product is amazing my horse lost shoes two three times between being shod and removed a lot of his foot with it, so I am so so pleased! The ShoeSecures are brilliant my horse has not lost a shoe since I started using them.  This next week will be his fourth shoeing so that is 24 week. I would recommend ShoeSecures to anyone, he has been out in snow mud and hard ground. Thank you .

Fantastic product! review from USA

- 6/14/2018
These are seriously fantastic! My OTTB lives outside and has horrible feet, I couldn't even keep shoes on for a week without them getting sucked right off by the mud. And in Pittsburgh, mud never stops. I tried literally everything and spent well over $400 the first month trying to keep his shoes on and him sound. While I know ShoeSecures are not made for horses to live in 24/7, I have had no problems at all with the Shoe Secures staying on over a couple muddy days. Fantastic product and absolutely affordable! My personal farrier and farrier friends are now recommending these to their clients.

ShoeSecures are a fab. product

- 2/14/2018
ShoeSecures are a fab product!!! 5 stars from me!! I have a horse who was on restricted turnout due to excessive throwing of shoes - we tried everything!!! Secure shoes have been a total lifesaver!

ShoeSecure has been total life saver!

- 10/12/2017
Thank you! Over the past 6 months I have finally been able to turn my horse out and he has not lost a shoe! My Farrier is delighted, my horse's hooves are finally starting to repair. This product has been a total life saver, and he has really tested them. A super product.

Thank you ShoeSecure!

- 9/7/2017
I cannot thank the inventor enough for this product. By far theee best thing I have ever found for my horse as he always take his shoes off, and with not having a farrier on the island where I live it's not easy getting replacement shoes done every time he pulls them off. So this has been the first time he has all four shoes on when the farrier returned. Thank you shoe secure.
Isle of Harris

Worth every penny! (from USA)

- 8/1/2017
These are quick, easy, and worth every penny. I don't know what I'd do without them. My horse pulls his shoes while hand grazing, so when he's moving you can only imagine the damage he does to his feet! After dealing with a month long abscess and 6 weeks off, I ordered these. He does NOT get turned out without them! I've ridden and even jumped in them without any problems, since he's particularly bad at pulling on grass. These are a key item for me now!
L. J.

Great product!

- 6/16/2017
ShoeSecures stopped my horse ripping shoes off every week. I cannot recommend them enough, great product!

Best invention I have ever bought!

- 4/3/2017
 Cannot recommend these enough. My horse was constantly losing shoe and he has now had these on for about 3/4 weeks and his shoes are still on! Its like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I don't need to worry about it anymore. I can put them on and take off quickly now. Best invention I have ever bought!

ShoeSEcures saved my horse's feet

- 3/5/2017
I can highly recommend these where nothing else worked, shoesecures saved my horse's feet...he was losing a shoe every few days at one point, until I used shoe secures. Now his feet are much better and he is stronger and more balanced so I only use them before important training dates or competitions, just as a precaution.

ShoeSecures are fantastic

- 2/17/2017
ShoeSecures are fantastic, my TB has had them on since April 2016. No rubbing and no pulling off shoes. His feet are in really good condition now with no more damage from lost shoes.

Best ever! from USA

- 12/6/2016
We have used ShoeSecure for over a year. Totally amazing - haven't lost a shoe yet, on a horse that couldn't go more than a week without losing a shoe. Best ever!
Colorado  USA

Bravo ShoeSecure- great product!

- 11/3/2016


I have had my horse Nova for almost two years. She came from the state of Georgia to Texas, USA with heart bar shoes and crumbling, bad feet. No matter what we tried from all the top supplements to corrective shoes we could not keep her sound as she would lose her shoes within a couple weeks of shoeing. 

I had almost given up EVER being able to ride this mare that I loved dearly. My farrier, Sean Wright, suggested Shoe Secures from the UK. My mare has been sound and working continuously since the first of September which is an absolute record for us. If you have a horse who constantly looses shoes or you have nothing to nail to, give these a try! 

My dressage instructor thought they were pretty funny looking until we survived a lesson in the pouring rain still moving great with our shoes holding on tight.

Bravo,  ShoeSecure -great product!



My Farrier is mightily relieved!

- 10/8/2016
I have been using ShoeSecure guards on my Dutch Warmblood for almost a year.  Overly exuberant when turned out, he was pulling shoes off with shocking regularity and each time he lost more hoof: this also affected his balance adversely as he put more weight on the undamaged side.  Since we started using ShoeSecures, he is no less exuberant but the guards have prevented shoes being thrown, he has recovered proper balance and my farrier is mightily relieved - as am I.  The cost is quickly recouped and the effort of putting them on and taking them off is absolutely worth it and has become part of our daily routine.
D & G

Fantastic something that works!

- 9/15/2016
Fantastic, something that works!!  Farrier recommended we even go to eight weeks (after checking at six) to get more growth.  First time in years we've been able to go beyond the normally scheduled visit.
Washington USA

Wouldn't be without them now!

- 8/10/2016
ShoeSecures have been an absolute godsend for my horse!! Turnout was impossible even on the driest ground, and the more shoes he lost, the more foot he was losing and breaking off. we are getting to the end of the second shoeing and no lost shoes! Wouldn't be without them now!
North of England

Great product,

- 7/26/2016
 It will be nearly three years, using ShoeSecures. :) pony is easier to keep fit as he hasn't lost a shoe every week! happier farrier too. Great product!

It is such a relief to find this product!

- 6/13/2016
Thank you for your help, I have bought the ShoeSecures and they have stopped my horse pulling his shoes off in the field. I have just ordered some ride-ins to use when schooling.
It is such a relief to find this product, I have been recommending them to others.

These are brilliant!

- 5/22/2016
These are brilliant, my horse has kept his shoes on for 6 weeks, which is a miracle , both me and farrier very happy , thank you ShoeSecure for this great idea.

A life saver!

- 4/9/2016
Your product, ShoeSecure, really is a life saver for me, otherwise I would be training as a Farrier!

Dramatically reduced shoe loss

- 3/14/2016
We have used your product ShoeSecure for a couple of years and it has certainly dramatically reduced shoe loss, particularly at this time of year when they first go out and the mud is sticky.

These are fab.!

- 3/6/2016
These are fab. have used them on two of my horses and they work well, just have to make sure that the studs that secure them to the shoes are tight. 

ShoeSecures have been a god-send!

- 2/8/2016
Shoe Secures have been a godsend – I can now turn out my 5 year old without worrying he’s going to lose a shoe every time he feels like having a mad moment!  I’ve now had a whole shoeing cycle without having to call the farrier out to replace a lost shoe which feels like a miracle!  Once you get used to using them they are easy to fit and work really well alongside turnout and overreach boots.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a shoe losing monster!!

5 stare rating for ShoeSecure 10/10

- 1/14/2016
I can't recommend this product enough! Without these and the mud we have at the moment, my horse would most definitely be confined to his stable till  Summer! He is an accomplished shoe remover at the best of times but since wearing ShoeSecures so far so good. A proper fit is a must and ensure studs are tight enough, the instructions are very clear and helpful.Spend the time cleaning them thoroughly, both pads and studs, on removal as this makes putting them on easier. I would also recommend getting some preformed cotton stud hole plugs to speed up the process. A little time consuming but worth every minute as it means no more days not being able to ride whilst waiting for the farrier. 10/10 and A**!  (face book review follow ShoeSecure on face book) 

Really works!

- 12/2/2015
 Really works. Not just to keep shoes on but it protect heels on big moving horses. Wouldn't be without ours.

Simple effective invention.

- 11/19/2015
 I have had these on my horse for about five years now. They are a Godsend. He was constantly spinning, twisting and ripping his shoes and consequently horn off. Nothing worked, overreach boots taped, boots for unshod horses, all came off. Simple effective invention and would be unable to turn him out without them.

Fabulous product!

- 11/13/2015
 Since putting Shoe secures on our young show jumper he is able to go in the field daily and jump without losing his shoes! Fabulous product 😀
West Midlands

I love your ShoeSecures!

- 10/2/2015
I LOVE your secures as they have taken all the anxiety out of turning my horse out, especially the day before major competitions.

Worth every penny!

- 9/7/2015
Wanted to share a recent find. ShoeSecure, 4 shows and not one shoe off for Chester, totally unheard of!! If your horse pulls shoes off for a pass time they are worth every penny (I'm not sponsored by them by the way, they just really do work)
Anna Edwards
International Show Jumper UK

Delighted with ShoeSecure.

- 7/27/2015
A fantastic product. My very athletic youngster has been turned out every day all winter and summer (if you can call it that!) and comes in with all footwear intact. It takes less than 2 minutes per foot. No more to say except I am delighted with the product.

Farrier's review "They are amazing"

- 6/10/2015

I tried ShoeSecures because of some of the special shoeing requirements needed by my clients and their vets. Extra heel support etc. which can cause shoe loss due to the extra length leading to frustration for all involved.
They are amazing!  A bit tricky to fit until you get used to them, but they have completely eliminated shoe loss, This is important especially when shoe loss can undo all the hoof improvement gained, just by losing  one shoe,
I highly recommend them

Luke Silcock awcf 

My Farrier is very impressed with ShoeSecure!

- 5/1/2015

“The ShoeSecure horse shoe heel covers have proved to an excellent addition to our hoof wardrobe and have meant that my 17.2hh RID can now be turned out again. Monty was pulling front shoes off faster than I could get them replaced and both my farrier and I were in despair as he  was ripping chunks of hoof off as well.

Shoe Secures are very easy for the farrier to fit, and once you get used to taking them on and off, the process only takes a few minutes. It is the same as putting in studs and caring for the stud holes.

Shoe Secures are tough and durable and I estimate they will save me at least £40 between each shoeing as I was having the farrier out at least twice between each planned visit.

My farrier was very impressed and  other farriers that visit the yard keep asking for progress reports as Monty’s feet are well known to all of them!

Great customer service and speedy delivery.”


East Sussex

Brilliant they really do work!

- 4/7/2015

Seven weeks since we bought the shoe securesand seven weeks with all his shoes on for the firsttime since we bought him 18 months ago. Cannot rave about this product enoughhe can go out every day now and enjoy freedom without any worries about lostshoes. Brilliant! To anyone who has a shoe ripper this is not another uselessgimmick it really does work.



Thank goodness for ShoeSecures

- 3/11/2015
 Thank godness for shoe secures!! Best product on the planet for shoe loss prevention!! Wouldn't have been able to take Bailey where I wanted to the last two years without them!! Also thanks to all the Td's, judges, farm owners and veterinarians that have looked at them and allowed us to wear them in the ring! Gotta love the eventing world!! Thanks everyone can't wait to start the 2015 show season!

I highly recommend ShoeSecure

- 3/7/2015
I used them on my ISH who removed his front shoes for fun, they were brilliant, he had egg bar shoes on so we just dremmelled a gap out round where the shoe fits. we went from weekly visits from the farrier and awful feet too shoes that we could keep on for a full 6 weeks. They did not rub, they did not come off , they did not cause thrush. There is nothing bad I can say about this fantastic invention, they saved my horses feet and therefore stopped lameness and soreness. Highly recommend. I used them when they first came out. (2011)
Emma K. England

Brilliant invention!

- 2/27/2015

I have used ShoeSecures for 4 years now. They have worked brilliantly on my short coupled energetic warm blood cross. He wears them for 3 to 6 hours a day when he is turned out. Without ShoeSecures his feet would have been wrecked.  A brilliant invention.




My number one Equestrian purchase

- 1/16/2015

ShoeSecures are a brilliant idea for horses that pull shoes in the field. 
If your in Derbyshire where EVERYTHING is up hill or down dale, in the winter on clay, it's a real issue keeping shoes on if the horse is shod for balance and not just for "keeping them on" My horse could pull a shoe a day (every farriers nightmare!) and he lives in ShoeSecures in the field very successfully, and now he has good quality horn and good feet as they aren't getting smashed to bits by pulling shoes off any more

Overreach boots only prevent injuries, they don't stop horses from pulling shoes off.  I have saved more than double the cost of the ShoeSecures in the first 13 weeks my horse has worn them, and as they are very durable I imagine this pair will last at least 12 months. For anyone who is considering buying them, get on and do it, you'll wish you'd bought them months ago when you were trying all kinds of formulas /overreach boots / hunter shoeing your horse without the proper support so there wouldn't be anything for him to catch / keeping him stabled / thinking about going barefoot, etc. etc. These are my number one equestrian purchase

Z.T. Derbyshire


They are a brilliant invention.

- 1/16/2015
 I used ShoeSecures a few years ago and cannot recommend them enough!!! My horse pulled his front shoes off on an almost daily basis as he needed to have the shoe quite far back on his foot, which in muddy fields are just asking to be pulled off by over reaching!! He never lost another shoe with the ShoeSecures and it allowed him to be shod further back for a good 6 months. Now he's shod normally I haven't needed to use ShoeSecures but wouldn't hesitate to use them again if needed. Also, the makers of ShoeSecure were exceedingly helpful in advising me on how to have them fitted and always promptly answered any questions or queries I had! Like I said at the beginning, couldn't recommend them enough! 
I honestly think they're a brilliant invention and saved the day for my horse when it came to him losing his front shoes

A Fabulous product, thank you!

- 12/21/2014
After three months of using them, I would just like to say a big 'Thank You' for a fabulous product, and even more fabulous customer services! I can now turn my five year old thoroughbred out for his daily yahoo and not spend the whole time with my heart in my mouth, nor have the sickening feeling when you bring them in and look down to see a shoe missing! Thank you ShoeSecure.

ShoeSecure a great tool to know about! (Australia)

- 12/5/2014
It is very exciting that ShoeSecure has reached Australia. They have been a life  saver for me with that odd horse that keeps losing shoes. A great tool to know about!
Proactive Farrier Services
Victoria  Australia

They work great for reiners! (USA)

- 11/28/2014
These are wonderful tools for reiners too. They save a lot of shoes, saving feet in the process. We've used them, they work great.
California, USA

Feedback from Canada (Ride-Ins)

- 11/26/2014
Hi, giving you an update on Bailey.. Bailey and I had an amazing show season. We started out here in Canada and competed in many training level competitions and then went to Michigan, USA and competed there in training. He had many placings this year and I can only thank you for his shoe secures that kept his shoes on this summer. Can't wait for next year to compete at prelim. Thanks so much for a great product they work amazing!!!

Thank you ShoeSecure, amazing product!!

- 11/19/2014
 My horse wears ShoeSecures to protect his heels, there's no weight bearing issues because it is at the back of the shoes, and when they are in the field the ground absorbs any difference, if it was at the toe it would be different, amazing product because my horse over reaches and bruises his heels, no more he doesn't, thank you shoe secure!!!!!!!

A relief to know that he is keeping his shoes on!

- 11/10/2014
It was my Farrier who initially suggested we give ShoeSecure a try as my horse was repeatedly pulling his front shoes off. Nothing we tried made a difference, and shoeing him short was not a suitable long term option. Muriel has been extremely helpful and I have been using ShoeSecures for over 6 months now. They are very easy to fit, taking me just a couple of minutes in the morning to put on. It is such a relief to know that when I bring him in from the field he will still be wearing his shoes!  Thank you ShoeSecure

(ShoeSecure) have been really fantastic.

- 10/19/2014
I have an advanced dressage horse that requires extra heel support from the shoeing, and that makes it difficult to turn him out and keep the shoes on. But thanks to ShoeSecure, I now have a perfect solution to the problem. Now we can shoe him with the correct support he needs behind the heel, and turn him out safely and regularly. It has been really fantastic for him"
Lisa White International Dressage Rider, World Class Trainer and Coach.
New Zealand & UK

The cost of the shoe guards has been quickly paid back

- 10/1/2014
"I have been using ShoeSecure for several months now with great success on a 5yr old show jumper Exelent R who jumped double clear in
this year's 5yr old National Champs at Scope. He wouldn't have had any hoof left to put a shoe on to compete without ShoeSecure as
I was ringing my farrier every week! The cost of the shoe guards has been quickly paid back".
Miles Pearson

These are brilliant, I've saved a fortune!

- 9/7/2014
These are brilliant! I have used them for my thoroughbred mare before and saved a fortune on extra farrier visits from pulled shoes!!
Western Isles

No more missed riding opportunities!

- 8/15/2014
Thank you Muriel for Shoe Secures, they are brilliant!  My ex-racehorse has now grown some heel and the farrier can begin to shoe him properly with heel support.  His feet are looking really good.  My farrier is so impressed he has put another client onto them.  Best of all for me though, no more missed riding opportunities!

They are brilliant

- 8/1/2014
This product was the only solution for my naughty warmblood who pulled a shoe in the field every wk, over reach boots were not an option as he would chew them off. I was at my wits end until my farrier found these, they are brilliant!

My horses do not lose shoes any more!

- 7/31/2014
I have had 2 of my horses in these for a couple of years now,  Over reach boots can come off easily and are likely to invert. My horses do not lose shoes anymore, they have now got foot growth, no missed competitions, and no additional costs for replaced shoes. I am still using the same ones that I bought about 2 years ago and they still have no tears or damage.

Your Horse Magazine July 2014 independent review

- 7/14/2014
Thank you Your Horse Magazine for this independent product review of ShoeSecure. Copy and paste the following link

I higly recommend ShoeSecure

- 6/22/2014
 ShoeSecures have been a godsend for my advanced horse, Mocharabuiee. As he has special pads under his shoes, he has struggled to keep shoes on and ShoeSecures have been an easy and effective way to stop him from ripping his shoes off in the field. The service and helpful advice from the company has been second to none and I highly recommend ShoeSecures to keep shoes on any horse. We are now trying the Ride-In ShoeSecures - will keep you posted.
Cindy Rawson
International Event Rider, Coach and Trainer

ShoeSecures have improved his feet

- 5/20/2014

We did our first BE Novice at Chatsworth at the week end and went clear XC-so pleased!!! Without ShoeSecures I don’t think that his feet would have been in good enough condition to do anything!



Life-saving ShoeSecure

- 5/4/2014
My horse has pulled off front shoes on such a regular basis that my Farrier and I have been pulling our hair out. The hoof wall gets no chance to grow and has been in a really bad state from repeated trauma. He even managed to pull shoes off in the stable because the hoof was in such bad condition and he needed extra support at his heels. A friend recommended ShoeSecures and I am absolutely thrilled with them, once you get used to putting them on they are very straightforward to fit. My Farrier says that in his opinion these are the only things that can help this horse with the problem he has. Muriel has been extremely helpful and I thank her for pioneering this fabulous product.

I absolutely love the ShoeSecures!

- 4/2/2014


Hi Muriel, thank you so much for posting out the replacement studs so promptly. I absolutely love the Shoe Secures, can't praise them highly enough. Deano has survived a whole winter without losing a shoe which has finally given his feet the chance to improve in shape and quality. Not to mention it has allowed me to keep him in gentle regular exercise and got us the long awaited pronouncement of 'sound' from the vet. Don't know who is more pleased - vet, farrier or me! Possibly Deano himself but that might be the spring grass talking  the Shoe Secures are still going strong and haven't budged an inch despite many many lost over reach boots. Thank you for such a brilliant product and sorry that the update is so long overdue!  



Review from Denmark

- 3/21/2014
I have started using your ShoeSecures with great success. They fit my horse perfectly, she wears them in the paddock, and I ride Dressage with them in the menage. They are a big help as I use the National Dressage Team's Blacksmith who is 2 hours drive away. She has not lost a shoe since I started using you ShoeSecures.

ShoeSecures have worked great.

- 3/2/2014

ShoeSecures have worked great  Farrier was surprised at how well they have worked too as the pony has been known to pull shoes off the same day they were put on! He's now a lot fitter this winter since he can get ridden out more often since he as full set of shoes.  They are a great find! Thank you!

S.W.  Dumfries & Galloway

Delighted with them!

- 2/23/2014
I've got this down to a fine art now... Takes just minutes to put on or remove them, and three weeks on Gypsy has not managed to pull of another shoe!! Delighted with them, thank you so much Muriel Colquhoun!!  (Gypsy was an expert at pulling her shoes off on the fence)!
Jane Yorke

Face book posts from USA re Patent.

- 2/10/2014

ShoeSecure Achieves US Patent! We have been loving testing this product and are glad to hear thatit can become a regular item on the shelf in the USA!


McQuay Stables USA


These work great on reiners that want to slide big and ripoff front shoes. I highly recommend them. Much better than tearing up frontfeet and damage to front feet due to shoes being ripped off. Very good product.Much more secure for front shoes than tapping them on.

its a great product..and  they work well.

Glenn M USA

UK Face book posts re Patent granted in USA

- 2/10/2014

I had a metal detector as I lost so many shoes. Overreach boots in all shapes and sizes. Used ShoeSecures last year and never lost a shoe. Put him out without them last week for an hour and lost a shoe again! Blacksmith called , shoe replaced and shoe secures back on. These are great ! Not only do you not loose shoes it means your farrier can shoe correctly with heel support. Huge thanks for developing them. 

Victoria Steele

Congratulations to you all. Without you I had a horse that was very nearly hoofless on both fronts but with shoe secures he had a fabulous summer season and hasn't lost a shoe this winter.

Tot Wall

Having used shoe secure, it really does work! S.L.Z.

I have  now been used ShoeSecures for approximately 3 years, (my horse was pulling a shoe at least twice a month)  I am pleased to say he has not pulled a shoe in the last 3 years since using ShoeSecures, and that is with turning him out in all conditions. Excellent value for money, I been using the same pair for 3 years and they are now just starting to show a slight bit of wear. As they only take a minute to fit I would not even consider turning my horse out without them on with the ground the way it is just now.  Craig Jack 

We are really happy with the ShoeSecures (Germany)

- 1/17/2014
We are really happy with the pair of ShoeSecures we have (bought last year). It helps this horse really much and we want 4 more pairs to put on some other horses with the same problem.

How it started, and now US patent granted.

- 1/14/2014

Congratulations to Muriel achieving a US Patent for ShoeSecure - the horse shoe shield. Having been in on the project from the beginning I fully felt Muriel's determination to invent a product that would prevent horses pulling their shoes off. Knowing Muriel's horse Banjo, she would have been forced to hand graze this horse unless she could prevent him from "erupting" in the field and losing shoes, which was a daily occurrence.  From her germ of an idea, we made a cast of Banjo’s hoof and Muriel used this is to shape and mould the product that is now ShoeSecure. It has proven itself time and time again with horses prone to losing shoes in the UK and now reining horses in Texas are using them in competition – hence the need for Muriel to extend the Patent Worldwide. Scotland to Texas - quite a jump!"

Dr Tim Watson  BVM&S, PhD, MRCVS

Waterlane Equine Vets Ltd

Fourways, Waterlane, Oakridge, Glos, GL6 7PH

Tel 01452 770268  -  Mob 07557 857930

ShoeSecures are brilliant

- 1/14/2014
 I have all my horses in them,  they are brilliant haven't lost a shoe in 2 years and have foot growth. Buy them you will never regret it.

Proof they really do work!

- 12/4/2013
 I have had ShoeSecures for nearly a year now,  they are wearing well. Only time I lost a shoe was when  I was in a rush and forgot to put them back on! Proof that they really do work!!!

Does anyone need a metal detector?

- 10/28/2013
ShoeSecures are fantastic. Had my horse for 3 years and he has never been able to keep shoes on for more than two weeks, the record for pulling them off was two hours! I've tried over reach boots, no hind shoes, and also hiding the shoes under the heel. Bad I know!  I bought ShoeSecures weeks ago, and had him shod properly with heel support for the first time and he has kept his shoes on. Great product for both horse and owner-thank you. Does anyone need a metal detector? I don't need mine anymore!!

ShoeSecures are invaluable

- 9/15/2013
Finding my ShoeSecures invaluable for Jago, he has not lost a shoe in the 18 months he has been wearing them. I recently bought a pair for my young fell pony who has lost  a front shoe once too often recently! My Farrier recommends them to his clients and he has been asking about the Ride-In ones.

I am getting on great with the ShoeSecures

- 8/24/2013
I am getting on great with the ShoeSecures. One day I forgot to put them on and my mare came in the next day minus BOTH front shoes! Before I had them, I think my farrier's wife thought there was something going on  -he once put 4 shoes back on in 7 days! Sometimes they are tricky to fit but without them my horse can't keep shoes on despite no back shoes. I was fed up fighting with barefoot boots and their ability to twist or come off. ShoeSecures are working great thanks.

ShoeSecures work great for Reiners! USA

- 8/8/2013

We're so thankful to have found these. We have outside horses, installed them on ours that pulled front shoes when stopping they worked great. ShoeSecures also work great for Reiners who slide really deep they stop them from pulling front shoes.



Cheering words from Sweden

- 7/24/2013

Glädjande ord från enShoeSecure-användare 

"Det har funkat långt över förväntan. Eftersom min häst väger runt 700 kgtrodde jag inte att plasten skulle vara så hållbar som den är. Men de sitterfortfarande finfint, liksom skorna!"
F.O., Jonstorp

Topof Form

ShoeSecure Googletranslate!

Cheering words from a ShoeSecure-user.

"It has worked beyond expectations. Since my horse weighs approximately700 kg I did not think the plastic would be as sustainable as it is. But theyare still just fine, like the shoes!

F.O , Jonstorp

Thank you ShoeSecure!

- 7/22/2013
ShoeSecures are fantastic my horse likes to "self harm" and pull his shoes off in the fence. ShoeSecures have really helped him grow his feet back to what they should be. I made the mistake of putting him out without them, and he has done it again! His ShoeSecures are back on now!Thank you very much for your ShoeSecures!

L.S.Mid Glamorgan

Ride-In Review from Canada.

- 7/2/2013
Hi, just wanted to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to use your product. Bailey has not pulled a shoe since we put them on and he competed in his first training event last weekend and kept all his shoes on. I'm very pleased with this product and so are my friends, coach and blacksmiths. They would all love to see your product in Canadian tack stores. Thanks so much for making me a happy owner and having a happy horse who finally has feet! :) thanks.

ShoeSecures have paid for themselves

- 7/2/2013
I am over the moon with my ShoeSecures!! Since March  2012. My horse has not been able to hold a shoe for more than two weeks.  He was sometimes pulling them off weekly, meaning I had a huge farrier bill.  I tried everything I could think of and I even had to give him 6 weeks off as he had damaged his foot so much. I have now been using ShoeSecures for months  without loosing a shoe!!  The initial outlay was around £60.00, this is what I was spending every few weeks with farrier so they have already paid for themselves!!  Thank you so much for such a fabulous product!!

Feedback from Denmark

- 6/12/2013
Positive feedback from Denmark, of the ride-ins!
My horse haven't pulled a shoe off since I started to ride with the ride-ins.

I am very happy with the product! 

Greeting Maren from Denmark

I have saved myself a fortune.

- 6/12/2013
I've been using ShoeSecure for a few months now and WOW! My horse could lose a shoe a week costing me a fortune in refits! Since talking with Muriel over the phone and placing my order not only has my horse kept his shoes on I've saved myself a fortune! Maybe now I can by myself a pair of shoes instead of the horse!!!!

No more losing riding time- wonderful!

- 5/8/2013
I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with ShoeSecure. My horse has been out in the field in various conditions and as yet come in with all four shoes on, no more losing riding time and hassling my Farrier- wonderful!

From Sweden: absolutely fantastic

- 4/15/2013
translation by google!
We are often asked how long a pair Shoe Secure lasts - this is an email from a customer that tells how it's been for her and her horse:

Now I have used my Shoe Secure basically every day since last summer (Falsterbo) and 
they works absolutely fantastic. The shoes are left on when you take the horse from the pasture. Now however, they become quite worn and I have to adjust the holes a bit. We will need a new pair. Would like to have an extra set of spikes (Supa Studs). He goes out about 11 hours / day and wears them a lot.
M. C,
Svedala "

ShoeSecure is working brilliantly

- 4/4/2013
The shoe secure is working brilliantly and Zanda hasn't lost a shoe since wearing them, despite a very boggy field!

Farrier is extremely relieved!

- 3/22/2013
Still having fabulous success with them. Have not lost a shoe since day one of using them. Farrier is extremely relieved!

An amazing product.

- 3/16/2013
An amazing product. Am so pleased to report that my show Hunter now has a matching pair of front feet again after using shoesecures for the last four months. Turned out daily in a field that is so poached it resembles a ploughed field this winter and has not lost a shoe since wearing them. I cannot rate these highly enough. They have saved me a fortune in shoeing bills and I have a horse that is comfortable and not footsore from losing his shoes on a regular basis.

Getting on brilliantly with ShoeSecure (fabulous product)!

- 3/5/2013
" Getting on brilliantly with ShoeSecures. (fabulous product!)First time in over a year we have not lost a shoe between shoeings! "
Scottish Borders

I no longer pray that he has kept his shoes on!

- 2/19/2013
Well thats lance now 6 months using ShoeSecure and he has not lost one shoe, hard to believe as its at least 6 inches deep in mud here due to the constant rain. Normally he would pull at least one shoe a month (timed perfectly before a show or lesson), its nice to go and bring your horse in from the field without praying he has all 4 shoes.

ShoeSecures give me peace of mind!

- 2/13/2013
Can't recommend ShoeSecure enough, after my horse lost 3 shoes in a couple of weeks i became anxious about putting him out particularly before a show or lesson. ShoeSecures give me peace of mind knowing I can put my horse out and he will come in with all 4 shoes on!

Can't recommend them highly enough!

- 2/13/2013
I've been using these for over 2 years, we've gone from losing a shoe every 2 weeks to keeping shoes on, and in all this mud and bad weather.Can't recommend them highly enough!

I am totally amazed and impressed with ShoeSecure!

- 2/1/2013
I have been putting shoe secures on a livery for the last 3 months and everytime a bring him in from the wet muddy field I am totally amazed they are still on. So impressed my horse has been fitted with them today. Brilliant -hope they work as well on him!

7 months without any lost shoes!

- 1/16/2013
7 months without any lost shoes! Horrific wet and muddy fields ShoeSecures have saved my horse's feet and my sanity. I should have bought them sooner, they have paid for themsleves many times over.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!.

- 12/23/2012

I just thought I would write you a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with ShoeSecures.  Although my horse constantly lived in over reach boots when being turned out he has always been prone to pulling his shows off but last spring my horse pulled a front shoe off 24hr before a competition and subsequently suffered from a bruised sole – this was a regular occurrence but getting very frustrating. With not much hoof left it was decided the best course of action was to keep him stabled for the next 8 weeks, with just ridden exercise.  During this time I invested in some ShoeSecures and I haven’t looked back.  It has now been 10 months and since wearing his ShoeSecures he has not pulled his shoes off once.  I soon found that the over reach boots that used to irritate him could be removed and he has been able to grow a much better heel, he still wears his eggbar shoes but now without the need of any gel pads. Thank you for a wonderful product!

 R.H. Shropshire

I am so pleased with ShoeSecure!

- 12/9/2012
I have just had the farrier to the yard - so thats now 12 weeks no shoe loss - I am so pleased with ShoeSecure .  
My farrier is also impressed with your shoe guards so hopefully you should have a few more orders from around Gloucestershire.  

Farriers quote "ShoeSecures are quick and easy to fit"

- 12/5/2012

Using Shoe Secure allows the farrier to maintain the normal balance of the hoof, providing appropriate support to the back of the foot without fear of the shoe being pulled off.  This in turn helps promote a healthy conformation to the heels, helping protect against concussive injuries and palmar foot pain.  Without ShoeSecure, the farrier is forced to ‘hide’ the branches of the shoe under the heels and this eventually leads to collapsed heels and lameness due to corns and other forms of palmar foot pain. ShoeSecures are easy and quick to fit  full instructions are included in each pack.

David Varini AWCF -

He is doing so well with ShoeSecures. Texas USA

- 12/5/2012
I am very interested in a pair to ride in. I have a pair on my horse now and this is the first time ever he has kept his shoes on for more than a few days. And because of his shoe pulling he has been a little lame on and off, he's doing so well with these but I would love to be able to ride in them also. They are amazing!!
Texas  USA

ShoeSecure, why did I not try them sooner!!

- 12/3/2012
ShoeSecure! Why did I not try them sooner?! I have a TBx that pulls shoes off for a past-time. I have lost count of the money I have lost in  pre-entered show entries due to shoe or shoes being lost the day before. I have been tearing my hair out for years with this problem. Not only would she pull shoes off but she would damage her foot and then be sore for the next week it cost me a fortune in farrier bills. She is shod every five weeks and on average the farrier called twice in between to put a shoe back on. Since using ShoeSecure I can turn her out in the field in confidence that she is going to come in with four shoes. Life saver!

Fantastic ShoeSecures. New Zealand

- 12/2/2012
My farrier fitted my horse with a pair of Shoesecures a few months ago and they have been fantastic. He has a club foot and always pulls that shoe off, often only days after getting it replaced. Since the Shoesecures his shoes have stayed in place the whole time. My problem is that he still has a tendency to pull the shoe off while riding. Why is it that you aren't supposed to ride in them? I've real lameness problems with him over the last year and so he'll be mainly doing light hacking, but he goes so lame without a shoe I'd hate for him to pull it off on a ride. Do you think I could ride in them???

April- New Zealand

Ride-Ins are available to trial. about 12 to 15 horses testing them at the moment another 10 are required.

Vet. review of ShoeSecure the horse shoe shield

- 11/25/2012

Losing shoes is not just a nuisance - disrupting training and competition schedules - it can lead to difficulty with shoeing, lameness and serious hoof injuries.  Horses that persistently lose shoes often have deficits in the hoof wall that can lead to separation and white line disease, as well as making placement of nails difficult.  Hoof wall may need to be build up with resin to hold nails, or glue-on shoes used as a last resort.  Farriers may be tempted to leave the shoe short at the back ,tucked under the heels, so that potential for the shoe to be hooked off on fencing or caught by a hind foot is reduced.  But this can lead to corns and problems associated with impaired foot balance, including collapsed heels. 

ShoeSecure prevent these problems by enabling shoes to remain in place and allowing normal hoof growth between shoeings. There is minimal disruption to training and competition programmes.  Proper foot balance can be maintained, allowing adequate support of the heels and minimising risk of lameness. 

Gait Analysis has shown that the wearing of the ShoeSecure shoe shield does not alter the loading of the limb during the weight-bearing or stance phase of the stride. Furthermore, it has no significant effect on the flexion/extension of the forelimb joints during the swing phase of the stride.  This means that there is no impact of the ShoeSecure on biomechanics of the equine limb during both weight bearing and movement.

The ShoeSecure along with the thickness of the stud heads also gives some degree of elevation. This elevation helps maintain a correct hoof pastern axis and reduce tension on the tendons and ligaments in the distal (lower) part of the limb.  Together with the cushioning effect of the shield, these properties help reduce concussion and compression of the heel, thereby preserving good hoof conformation and balance and protecting against heel pain and associated lameness.

Dr Tim Watson BVM&S, PhD, MRCVS

Best invention ever!

- 11/22/2012
Having spent the best part of this year trying to keep front shoes on my TB mare, I began using shoe secures at the end of August. What can I say - best invention ever!! Just wish I had started using them earlier!

No more sleepless nights!

- 11/5/2012
The loss of shoes, no longer causes me sleepless nights! The difference that ShoeSecures have made is amazing. Our land is very rough moorland crossed with stoney roads this meant that if our horses lost shoes (almost weekly!) their feet were really damaged before the Farrier could come and replace the shoes. I dreaded all the texts and phone calls asking him to come back yet again and again. My Farrier is really pleased with ShoeSecure too.

Ride-In Review from Canada

- 10/18/2012
Just got my ride in shoe secures and we had our first xc lesson after 6 weeks off due to shoe pulling issues and we came home with all 4 shoes on!! Thanks soo much! I'm soo happy with this product, the service and the chance to be the first one in Canada to use them! Myself, coach and blacksmiths are extremely happy to be trying these out!
Leanne Gummerson Canada

ShoeSecures work

- 10/12/2012
I first started using shoe secure in winter 2011 having seen an advert. My 16.2hh horse was losing a front shoe at one a fortnight with his slight imbalance from a fetlock injury of old, and wet boggy ground. ShoeSecure brought back my sanity..He hardly lost a shoe all winter. We did have a backward step when the shoe type  was changed by my Farrier (without telling me)! but once the instructions for the shoe secure were consulted again as a reminder for self and farrier, we were back up and running. ShoeSecure work. They must be fitted as per instruction. Taking time to position the securing holes correctly is the secret. Consulting with the farrier is helpful too.
Overall I would definitely recommend ShoeSecure. They offer protection from losing shoes having to have refitting and most importantly the stress of realising another lost shoe and lost riding....

Susan Lennox

Worth every penny! Amazing in this ground

- 9/27/2012
Hello , just a quick comment to say how pleased I am with ShoeSecures , I have a tb with typical flat feet he was losing shoes every other  week. I am now pleased to say since I have been using the Shoe Secures I have had 12 weeks stress free , the poor boy has been out every day , in the mud ,  on the Fenwick moor so the ground is very very soft ,
But must add the quarter horse I have came in on Monday night without his shoe , in my eyes all because he didn't have a set of ShoeSecures fitted , so measuring up tomorrow so he has a set to see him through the winter. These are no gadget they are worth every penny I highly recommend. I thinking of up loading photos of what my horses wade through every day and have shoes on , I am amazed , very good service thanks :)
LC Fenwick

Thank you for the invention

- 9/19/2012
I've had constant trouble with keeping front shoes on my mare with over reach injuries to boot! After trying to track down a farrier on a weekly/fortnightly basis I'd had enough and decided I had nothing to lose trying out the Shoe Secure's. Once we ironed out a few teething problems and combined them with the premier equine wrap overreach boots, I have now managed 2 shoe-ings with no lost shoes!! Thanks to shoe secure (keep up the good work) and Muriel for the invention!!

Feedback from Sweden "super-pleased"!

- 9/6/2012
Feedback on ShoeSecure from Falsterbo Horse Show:
I visited your booth at Falsterbo Horse Show, July 2012, and bought a pair of ShoeSecure from you, I am super-pleased with them! My horse has kept losing his shoes at least once per each shoeing interval during a long period (appr. 1,5 years), even though he has had boots on, sometimes even double boots. It's always happened when he's been out in the field. Now the ShoeSecure have been on since I bought them (while he's in the field, that is) and, knock on wood, the shoes have stayed on!!!
Best regards, R.T. Bromölla"

USA review. ShoeSecures are wonderful!

- 9/1/2012

My Shoesecures are wonderful for keeping shoes on my horses.   We have lots of mud  and steep hills, so it is easy for the horses to slip and catch a shoe.   With the Shoesecures, we have not lost a shoe.   They are easy to install.

Lisa Thomas

Springfield, Kentucky, USA

You have sorted the Shoe loss can you do something about the weather!

- 8/24/2012
A quick update. Two horses in ShoeSecure protectors, and two full months with no lost shoes. A great product doing a fab job of allowing my TBs to actually grow some hoof. Now if you can do something about the rain I would be really impressed!

I can now turn my horse out!!

- 8/15/2012
I started using shoe secure about a twelve months ago and it has been a real "godsend". I was at the end of my tether as my horse had bad feet. It was always a nightmare turning him out as he would lose a front shoe on average once a week and of course rip the foot has he did so. You can imagine how popular I was with my farrier!

I had tried everything from two lots of over reach boots, insulation tape over shoes, equi turnout boots, poultice boots taped at top, equi boots, all either came off or ripped. Eventually I would turn him out for half an hour, difficult when working, watch him and the minute he started galloping around bring him in, not easy with a large excitable horse.

I heard of shoe secure by researching on the internet. They are the only thing that works for me and gradually with the aid of shoe secure and farriers formula his feet have improved. I can now turn the horse out confidently all day and go to work knowing I will not come back to no shoes and ripped feet.

ShoeSecures have done the trick!

- 8/2/2012
 I have been using shoesecure for 5 months now, and my horse George has not pulled his front shoes off once! This is due to his confirmation he is 17h and short coupled, plus my fields are on a slope. He would pull his right shoe off at least twice a month (the record is 5 times!),his hoof was getting shorter and shorter and my farrier doesn't even charge for putting them back on, but it reached a point when i couldn't ring him, the shoesecure has done the trick.My farrier is very impressed, he is now recommending shoesecure to other clients.
It took me a little time to get the hang of putting it onto the shoe every morning, i cross threaded the stud but thanks to your tip of  PTF  tape it worked, my horse now stands like a soldier to have the shoesecure fitted.

ShoeSecures are worth their weight in Gold!

- 7/19/2012
My horse has had remedial shoeing since christmas and as he has always had a tendency to pull shoes (front or back, even when wearing overreach boots in the field)  I decided to invest in a pair of shoesecures.  They have been a god send!! My farrier fitted them for me easily and they are simple to take on and off each day and my horse in happy to wear them, I no longer panic when my horse gallops around the field and he hasn't lost a shoe in the last seven months which has helped him to recover and to remain sound. Shoesecures are worth their weight in gold and I've saved a fortune in farriers bills. Thank you 

Ride-In test feedback

- 7/19/2012

Shoes are staying on, even in the torrential rain and hock deep mud!

- 7/5/2012
Shoes are staying on, even in the torrential rain and hock deep mud! ShoeSecures are absolutely great thank you, once you get the knack of placing the shoe properly on the foot they go on really easily, after the first time which took a little time I looked at the design in the shoe and understood the importance of placing the shoe correctly against the ridge inside the shoe secure and now they take me no more than a minute to put them on.Thank you again and I am extolling the virtues of your product to our friends and the farrier likes them as well, as we don't have to keep calling him out to refix shoes.
C.K. Wales

Good Luck the Mustad Team at Calgary

- 7/2/2012

My Farriers costs have been much reduced with ShoeSecure

- 7/2/2012
I bought my Oldenburg gelding in April 2012 and his feet were crumbling.  I was struggling to turn him out because he just kept losing his shoes and his hooves were deteriorating.  My Farrier from the Wirral in Cheshire suggested ShoeSecure and we have never looked back.  My horse can now be turned out and his hooves are much improved.  Without Shoe Secure he most certainly wouldn't be able to be turned out and my farrier's costs are much reduced.

ShoeSecure trial for Ride-Ins (so far so good)!

- 6/20/2012
ShoeSecure Ride-In trial feedback
Since using the shoe secures we can go xc again as before he lost a shoe or two every time ! 
Brilliant, he's been to a O.D.E.  and a Lucinda Green clinic and kept all his shoes on ! They also stood up really well with going to the gallops, I could hear his back feet striking the guards but all shoes were intact. His feet are looking a lot better already, at the weekend he won his hunter class at festival of the horse.
The prototype Ride-In jumping studs are really good, and work better than the flat studs in the Ride-Ins. It would be useful to have a shallow but hardened road stud to use in the Ride-Ins.
I use the turnouts for field use everyday.  I spray wd40 on the cotton wool I plug the stud holes with as it makes it easier to fix the studs in.  He's stabled mainly but goes out a few hours every day.   He's out grazing now with his shoe secures on ! 
Very happy with the ShoeSecures, AND,  I actually could afford to treat myself to a new pair of shoes this month!  
J.D. Leics.

ShoeSecures have been fantastic!

- 6/7/2012
June 2012 ShoeSecure review . I started to use Shoe Secures 6 monthes ago when my horse needed special shoes.I was concerned that the new shoes would be pulled straight off by the hind feet. Having seen an advert for ShoeSecures and decided to give them a try.From then to now my horse has been turned out in them for ten or more hours every day and they have been fantastic. We have not lost a single shoe and my horse and I are very happy. My farrier fitted them for me and I have had no major problems. I do find that cleaning the studs every time I take them off is benificial as the threads then stay clean and are easier to put on next time.
My horse will always wear ShoeSecures for as long as he needs special shoes and I will have peace of mind that his shoes stay on. A big thank you to ShoeSecures .
C. T. County Durham

A wondersful piece of kit!

- 5/8/2012
I have been using your product (ShoeSecure) for some 16 weeks now with great success. No shoe loss! Thank you for a wonderful piece of kit!

Absolutely fantastic product

- 4/5/2012
I currently use Shoe Secures on my 17hh 5 year old with great success! Possibly the best thing I've ever bought for him, he was losing both front shoes weekly before purchasing some shoe secures - now he hasn't lost a single one! Absolutely fantastic product which I have recommended on numerous times. Just need a pair that can be ridden in now!

ShoeSecures solved the problem

- 4/2/2012
“Willem kicks front shoes off for fun! During his first 6 months with us he was averaging 2 –3 visits from the farrier between 6 week re-shoeing! ShoeSecure solved the problem and the last 6 months he has kept his shoes on. I know of one person who bought ShoeSecure but has given up on them because they are ‘too difficult to fit’. All I can say is, I would much rather spend an extra few minutes fitting them than waiting days for the farrier to arrive. Willem is a 16.3h warmblood who needs schooling every day and regularly takes part in dressage competitions. We cannot afford any days ‘off the road’.  If anyone is put off by the fitting routine, please make sure you follow the detailed instruction leaflet provided by Muriel and you will very quickly get used to the routine. I would emphasise the need to clean everything after use – ShoeSecure, studs, stud holes in the shoes and over-reach boots (washing under a hose pipe will do). That way everything will fit more easily the next time they are used. I also keep a can of WD40 handy for stud and hole threads where necessary!”

ShoeSecure customer one year on!

- 3/15/2012
March 2012 Feedback:
My old ShoeSecures, bought in March 2011 are still going strong. Having NOT lost a shoe in a year my mare's foot shape has changed and improved dramatically. However I now require a new pair as my Farrier needs to drill the new ShoeSecures in a different place, to fit the better shaped feet.

The ShoeSecures are wonderful! from Tuscany!

- 2/14/2012
 "The shoesecures are wonderful..... ! What a great idea you've had ! Nina hasn't pulled her shoes off for a long while now and her feet are so much stronger and grow better now that we dont have to have the shoes tight and short around the heels. Her feet are quite small and she Is a heavy mare, so we've always wanted to shoe her with wider heels to encourage her feet to grow and widen a little but before it just wasn't possible". Her feet are really good now. Thank you.
J. E-P.

ShoeSecure has helped me to have more consistent training

- 1/9/2012
ShoeSecure has helped me to have more consistent training and therefore better results because I am no longer concerned about the problem of losing shoes in the field. ShoeSecure will in the future be part of my equestrian kit, and I recommend ShoeSecure to other riders who have problems with their horses pulling off shoes.
Mia Hastrup
International Event Rider and Trainer

Amazing!I would recommend ShoeSecure to anyone that has a problem with horses losing shoes!

- 12/2/2011

I have owned my present horse for 6 years, he has always been prone to pulling shoes, but in the last 9 months he has pulled a front shoe approximately every two weeks.  The trouble is, my horse is short backed and long legged,  he has very good feet but my farrier was struggling to find anywhere to nail shoes on.

 We had tried many different  shoeing techniques with no success, I suggested we try Shoe Secure.  Amazing, Toad has completed two six week shoeing's without any problems. I would recommend these to anyone who is having the same problem as me.




ShoeSecures are a great invention and really work!

- 11/1/2011
Sandy has worn ShoeSecures for the past 7 weeks. Before they were fitted, she lost shoes nearly every week thus leaving her feet in really poor condition. The Farrier was having terrible problems nailing her shoes on as she was extremely foot sore and had no foot to nail the shoes to. The ShoeSecures were fitted with heartbar shoes, and she has not lost a shoe since, despite the wet muddy condition of the ground. As a result her feet have improved enough for normal shoes to be fitted with the ShoeSecures. They are a great invention and really work!

ShoeSecures have been a life saver!

- 10/1/2011
I have been using the Shoesecures since Feb/March this year, on my horse who can manage to lose a shoe every 2 weeks (she has lateral extensions as has poor foot balance, and a tendency to tread on her own feet thus pulling them off, over-reach boots or not). Since using the Shoesecures daily we've not lost a single shoe, and are still on the original pair of Shoesecures. This has meant we have been able to keep her hoof/foot management much better under control and she's now back in full work after being off for 18 months because of this.  I have had to trim down the back of them, as suggested in the FAQ sheet, as they did catch her pastern if her foot was flexed fully back, but apart from this they have been a life-saver.


The only product that works! No over reach boot compare!

- 9/1/2011
"The only product that works - no over-reach boot can compare! ShoeSecures protect not only shoes flying off but also give fantastic protection to the bulb of the heel. they have given my farrier the confidence to allow more support for my mares flat feet without inevitably pulling off her shoes."  

"since using shoesecure, my mare's broken up crumbly feet have improved no end

- 8/14/2011
"since using shoesecure, my mare's broken up crumbly feet have improved no end. She used to pull a shoe at least once a week and often tore off large pieces of hoof wall. It was almost impossible to nail the shoes back on and even with 2 pairs of overreach boots and 'short heeled' shoes, nothing worked. Great idea ! thank-you so much "


A fantastic product which I now can't live without!

- 7/10/2011
My horse has now worn ShoeSecures for 8 months. In that time he has not lost one shoe compared to a least one a week before hand (record was 3 in a week!) Due to the horrendous hard ground conditions & a badly bruised foot he has now been wearing heart bars for 12 weeks. The shoesecures even fit these which again have prevented him from loosing any shoes or any over reach injuries. A fantastic product which to be honest I now can't live without.

ShoeSecure paid for themselves in 3 weeks

- 6/30/2011
“I think your product is great and my horse has now kept his shoes on for 5 weeks, which is the longest ever!  My horse was losing a shoe at least once a week and it was costing me a fortune not to mention damaging his feet.  I had tried all types of overreach boots but none were doing the job. Although Shoe secure seemed an expense at the time they have paid for themselves within the first three weeks and it has meant his feet are not breaking every time a shoe is pulled off.  Shoe Secure gives me peace of mind and allows my horse the benefits of turnout without the worry.”
Janis McLellan BHS AI

Thanks to ShoeSecure, a brilliant product!

- 6/23/2011
Thanks to ShoeSecure. I now have a sound and happier horse with much improved feet and better hoof growth. I can now exercise my horse regularly. A brilliant product. (my farrier is happy too!)


This is a tremendous product, so simple and effective!

- 5/28/2011
"For the first time in a shoeing cycle both front shoes have stayed on!  My farrier was at his wits end and so was I in that I was paranoid that the horse did not gallop around as his shoes always came off and he has such bad feet anyway. I have tried expensive american poultice boots but they came off.  The horse was turned out with full leg boots and two overeach boots on each front foot but still the shoes came off. This is a tremendous product, so simple and effective.  The horse has achieved reasonable success in affiliated dressage and eventing but really the shoeing problem was causing me to think I had had enough.  The problem in now solved.  The best inventions are always the most simple"

Ruth Watson

A fantastic product!

- 5/12/2011
I have been using ShoeSecures with great success for some time now. My warmblood has a large over track and was regularly pulling front shoes off during turnout, not only was this frustrating but there comes a point where there is very little hoof left to nail a shoe onto. Thanks to ShoeSecure we have not lost a front shoe in nearly a year! Since rupturing his Brachiocephalicus a few months ago they are now playing a part in his rehabilitation as well. I have found that because the ShoeSecures lift him off his heels slightly they reduce the strain on the muscles and tendons which in turn is helping to aid his recovery.
He is currently wearing his ShoeSecures over natural balance shoes which in my experience are more easily clipped and pulled off than a regular shoe and to date we have not lost a single one.
A fantastic product which I regularly recommend to my clients.
Laura Kettlewell EBW

My Farrier's bill has been reduced too!

- 5/2/2011
The ShoeSecure shoe saver is working brilliantly, no rubbing and it stays put. My farrier bill has been reduced quite a bit too !!!! Many thanks.   

Peace of mind with ShoeSecure

- 3/13/2011
 " Thank you ShoeSecure for a revolutionary product! I have an Arabian Stallion who was having to be stabled during show season because he was pulling shoes off weekly and cutting his heels from over-reaching while playing out in his paddock. Since using shoe secure I have had one set of shoes on for 8 weeks without being pulled off, saving me money and giving me complete peace of mind! I highly recommend the product and so does my stallion who is now allowed to stay in his paddock all day long!!"
Western Australia

Nugget has not lost a shoe for over a year!

- 3/10/2011
My young horse Nugget, was my farrier's best customer pulling front shoes off on a weekly basis. Since using ShoeSecure he hasn't lost a shoe for over a year- even in Ayrshire's bottomless mud.
S. J-V. and Nugget

ShoeSecures are fantastic!

- 1/6/2011
I am delighted with my ShoeSecures. My horse's feet have improved dramatically as my Farriers has been able to balance the feet properly with enough heel length to give support, we no longer worry about the shoes being pulled off. ShoeSecures are fantastic.


I would recommend them to anyone..

- 11/26/2010
I would just like to say a big thank you for solving one of my biggest horse problems.  The farrier fitted his ShoeSecures on his last visit and it is the first time we have gone 6 weeks without having to call him back. He says his feet have also improved greatly. Being an energetic horse he has tried very hard to remove them however it is great to turn up in the evening knowing he still has 4 shoes on. I have got into a good routine putting them on etc and it takes no time.
I would recommend them to anyone.

ShoeSecures are an absolute "god send"!

- 11/5/2010
Thank you so much for my big chaps ShoeSecures they are an absolute god send we have used them for 6 weeks and still had our shoes on when the farrier came to call. He is most impressed as the horse normally manages to get a shoe off at least once a week [he is a hooligan in the field] Once again thank you they are brilliant I will tell everyone I meet in the New Forest about them.


I am so glad you thought of ShoeSecure!

- 10/25/2010
I am so glad you thought of ShoeSecure! I no longer worry about my horse losing shoes and damaging his feet. I bought them in April and my horse has been wearing them all summer, ShoeSecure really works and his feet have improved greatly.
Thank you

S.V. Somerset

ShoeSecures are great!

- 9/22/2010
Billy has worn the ShoeSecures constantly for months now. He is out 24/7 I was worried about them being on all the time, but I take them off everyday either to ride or to clean them and check for any signs of thrush....none yet! I have been able to ride him consistently and go to the local events something I couldn't do last year as he never kept his shoes on. His record was 3 shoes off in one week! My farrier also thinks they are a great product and is pleased that Billy's feet haven't been damaged by the constant damage caused by ripping shoes off. The ShoeSecures are great!


Best thing I have bought

- 9/13/2010
Just to let you know how wonderful ShoeSecures are! My 4 year old TB was losing shoes every week. Since wearing ShoeSecures he has never lost a shoe. His feet have improved as a result, no damage due to pulling shoes off. Best thing I have bought. I just need the Ride-In ones now. Thanks for inventing them!


What a brilliant but simple idea

- 9/6/2010

I have been using the shoesecure for a few months now and despite the initial fiddle of me getting used to them, my horse has not lost a shoe. What a brilliant but simple idea.

C. H.


The product is brilliant

- 8/30/2010

The product is brilliant, ShoeSecure have saved me so much time expense and most of all worry, I do not have to wonder if my horses shoes will be on or not and whether he has wrecked his feet. I have had lots of interest from people at my yard that want them for their show-jumpers, I will tell them about the ride in ones as they will definitely be interested.

Thank you!

B. J.


After all of the helpful advice and information you have given me, Nimrod has been successfully wearing his ShoeSecures for roughly 7 weeks now

- 8/30/2010

After all of the helpful advice and information you have given me, Nimrod has been successfully wearing his ShoeSecures for roughly 7 weeks now (being re-shod after 5). They are fantastic and both I and my farrier are very pleased with them. They are not at all as fiddly as I had imagined to put on and take off. Having no experience of studs previously I was a little apprehensive I must admit, but the large nail you kindly supplied me with is just the job for stuffing the stud holes with cotton wool whilst I am working him and equally as helpful to then dig the cotton wool back out again.

Unfortunately just before my farrier appointment before the ShoeSecures were fitted, Nimrod managed to pull a front shoe, losing a large part of his hoof wall in the process. My farrier came out early and managed to fix a plaster cast bandage around the foot to enable a shoe to go back on and then whilst he was there also fitted the ShoeSecures. If Nimrod could have waited another week before destroying a front foot, the ShoeSecures would have prevented this but that's horses for you! I have already recommended ShoeSecures to another lady at work who also has a short coupled TB and my farrier says he has recommended them to several of his clients and also has taken photographs of Nimrod in his to show people.

Many, many thanks for being so helpful and for inventing such a wonderful product!

Kind regards

R. T.


I am writing to express my satisfaction with the use of a Shoe Secure horseshoe shield

- 8/30/2010

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the use of a Shoe Secure horseshoe shield. My daughter’s event horse suffered a serious injury to her frog and needed to have some of the frog cut away to quite a depth to allow new tissue to re-grow. We looked for a robust way to protect and take the pressure off the re-growing tissue after we had applied a dressing. We needed something giving protection to allow us to turn the horse out once healing was underway out and the shoe secure was an excellent solution. The fact that the shield can be removed easily meant that we could regularly re-apply a dressing and keep the foot clean.

Dr Pete Goddard, MRCVS.

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