ShoeSecure "Patent Number UK: GB2463542"

ShoeSecure "Patent Number US: US 8,651,193 B2"

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Picture of Pair ShoeSecures with studs
ShoeSecure® is a fantastic new invention to prevent a horse from treading on the heels of it’s front shoes and ripping them off. Losing horseshoes in the field can be a recurring nightmare, the inconvenience of replacing lost shoes and the risk of the shoes lying in the field somewhere with the nails sticking up is a genuine concern. Click on details to choose size and colour. Please note colours may differ slightly

From £54.00 excl tax

Picture of Pair ShoeSecures without studs
You are unlikely to need spare ShoeSecures, but just in case you can buy a pair without the studs. Your horse’s feet may change shape in which case a different size may be required.

From £45.17 excl tax

Picture of ShoeSecure Drill Bit 12mm
The best size of drill bit to use for the initial holes in the ShoeSecure. I had trouble finding a 12mm drill bit so bought some to sell with the ShoeSecures.

£5.75 excl tax

Picture of Bespoke ShoeSecure SupaStuds
Well worth buying a spare pair of studs particularly if you do NOT buy the magnetic tray! These studs have been made specially for ShoeSecure and have all the design features you would expect from a SupaStud. Sold in pairs. (£4.66 per pair Ex vat)

£5.00 excl tax

Picture of ShoeSecure Magnetic Tray
This great gadget is just what you need to keep your studs safe and in one place. No more scrabbling about trying to find your studs in the grass or in the loose box; wave the tray over the area and any dropped studs will clunk onto the magnet base!Note colour may differ

£6.50 excl tax

Picture of ShoeSecure Tap
This neat tap with a comfortable strong handle is ideal to renew the first two turns of the thread in the horseshoe IF REQUIRED. I have only required to re-tap the shoe when I have done a lot of road work. Care should be taken when re-tapping the shoe as you can over do it and ruin the thread in the shoe.

£9.95 excl tax

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